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    Rayko Medley

Rayko is a Tokyo-born, Los Angeles-based, vocalist, full-time working composer, multi-instrumentalist, and a SAG/AFTRA actress, who fronts a Los Angeles-based Symphonic Rock band called Lolita Dark. 

Her life in music started at 4years old, as she composed her very first full-length pop song about her mother. Her library now consists of 100’s of published and or ready to be published songs. The versatility in her writing ranges from ABBA to ZAPPA.

Her Recent Work

Rayko has become a strong advocate for suicide prevention. Rayko and her co-writer (Frank Kilpatrick) teamed up with a Suicide Specialist Dr. Mark Goulston from UCLA, and suicide survivor Kevin Hines, to produce the multi-award-winning documentary video “Stay Alive” (now available on Amazon Prime Video).