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Rayko’s Journey with Chado

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I have literally no words to express how honored I am today …

Ironically, this makes the last 8 and the half months bitter sweet, yet phenomenally beautiful.

It is no secret how much I love and honor my mother. She is, to me, a real life super hero. She has always been the one to show me, even today as she battles cancer, all the reasons to never say “I quit!”

Over 4 years ago, I started my journey to study Chado, Japanese traditional culture, Urasenke Tea Ceremony under my mother, the associate professor of Chado. (Read about it here Since that day, I have been determined to carry on her legacy and to share and spread Chado, the soul cleansing, healing, tranquil, meditative, beautiful tradition of my roots, to the world.
Even with the recent immense challenges life has brought us we have not given up.

Yesterday, a couple years after I received my intermediate license. I received the handwritten advance, an assistant teacher (助講師) honor from the 16th Grand Tea Master 千 宗室  himself, of Kyoto Urasenke headquarters…

Now I am officially given the opportunity to start teaching up to a certain level of Chado… And I’m not going to stop there. I am going to become a Sensei, and hopefully a professor like my Sensei/Mother one day myself.

It took me a while to get here, and there are so much more to learn. But today I feel like I have accomplished something that means so much to the roots of my family. 
Rain and I never wanted to have our own children, and many of you know our music is our children. It’s always been the art that we’ve wanted to nurture, so that it may live on.

So here I am again 🙂 I want to keep making history with this beautiful art of Chado, which heals so many wounds and cleanses so many angry hearts.

I can’t wait till the day that I get to gift you all Urasenke Tea Ceremony and serve the most potent Matcha and Ochagashi to fill your hearts with joy and peace.

Until then, carry love and peace in your heart everywhere you go 😌

やっと、裏千家 の助講師としての資格をいただきました。謙虚な気持ちをたずさず、母のレガシーを一生大事に追って行くつもりです。

Traditional Usucha Temae