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Rayko Talks Dreaming Music and Doing Good

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You wrote a song that’s pertinent to the #MeToo movement. 

I wrote ā€œGender Genocideā€ for the men or women who are victimized by mighty moguls, as I call them. The song is for the people who used to be voiceless, they can speak again. I came here at a young age and as an Asian female, I have countless stories of what people are starting to talk about now.  Fortunately, a blessing in disguise, I am from quite a broken family so my biggest turn off has always been men who abuse power. I have so much respect for both males and females who are generous and who live with compassion, dignity, integrity, respect, all that. As soon as I saw anyone who was about abusing their power, I walked away. I turned downed countless opportunities and Iā€™m glad that I did. I always thought how my art got its attention was important. 

Divvy Mag interview with Rayko

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