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Yesterday changed my life. 
Yesterday, I started walking on a new path, both as the vocalist and a woman of faith – it happened on completely separate occasions.

About a week ago I uploaded a post asking you guys to please pray for a very important day for me. Without any of you asking what it is for, you prayed for me. Our prayers were answered, and I cannot thank you guys enough…

I got the gig!

These events/experience completely knocked me down, because of the magnitude of its potentials … after coming home I literally passed out with emotional exhaustion… in euphoria ðŸ™ðŸ»

The only regret I have is I cannot say anything about what these life changing events that took place yesterday were, until they are public. I had to sign an extremely strict NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) that I cannot mention what they are even to my husband ðŸ˜….

As I sit here at the cancer center with my beautiful and courageous mother for her 7th infusion, I am forever grateful for all that I’ve been put through in my entire life time. Because of the trauma, because of the dark times, because of all the unfair treatments being a woman of minority in this harsh business… I learned to be a person of possistance, learned to look for the positive perspectives, and I was always able to turn criticisms to motivation to beat the odds.

If you are still reading, I believe it is because you have always supported me and believed in me.

I will continue to be the humble go getter. But from yesterday forward, definitely as a brand new professional/person.

Thank you for your love!
God bless you, Always!

— Rayko