Lolita Dark opening for new LACMA Japanese art exhibition

It is my Greatest Honor to announce.. that we’ve been commissioned to perform at the Opening Event for the new/ large-scale Japanese Exhibition that is coming to LACMA Los Angeles County Museum of Art in September, through December!!!
This exclusive private event will be held at Petersen Automotive Museum in mid-September. This is definitely one of the most honorable performance of a life time!

As always, I thank God for every blessing that come our way, and thank all of you, for your undying support over many many years!

In honor of this exceptional exhibition, I will definitely be performing songs I wrote for the Amazon Prime show The Man in the High Castle at this event, among several other songs  🙂



九月にLACMAにやって来る、大規模な日本の展覧会 (九月から十二月まで)の封切のイベントでのパフォーマンスの依頼が来ました!喜んで承知しました!日本の展覧会なので、パフォーマンスのレパトリーの中に、アマゾンプライムのヒットシリーズ The Man in the High Castle に採用して頂いた、私のコンポジション、二曲ともパフォームする予定です。