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Rayko is a Tokyo born Los Angeles based composer, vocalist, and a multi instrumentalist . She has never stopped writing from the very first pop piano composition she made at the age of 5. Her library now consists with 100’s of published and or ready to be published songs, in styles anywhere from ABBA to ZAPPA.
Rayko’s music gallery:  https://soundcloud.com/rayko-official

Growing up, Rayko was constantly influenced by multi genre of music. Rayko’s sister was heavily into rock, pop, classical…from US and Europe, and their parents held monthly, in-home, Jazz concerts throughout her childhood. Rayko knew of her career of choice for life at the age 5, and she moved to US  at a very young age to pursuit her dream.
Rayko has personally trained by an amazing vocal teachers such as Ron Anderson, she learned to use her voice as the main instrument. Her vocal technique consists of Pop, metal, death metal, opera, classical, jazz, and even cross over country.  Other instruments Rayko plays are piano, guitar, and some drums. She is currently learning Koto and electric violin, to further expand her horizon as a musician.

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Music Samples:

  1. 1

    ZesshouLolita Dark

  2. 2

    Who's the OneLolita Dark

    Who's the One
  3. 3

    CommunicationDig Jelly

  4. 4

    I'm An EntertainerPop

    I'm An Entertainer
  5. 5

    You Remind Me How Beautiful Life IsPop Ballad

    You Remind Me How Beautiful Life Is
  6. 6

    You See Me Through The CrossSpiritual

    You See Me Through The Cross